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Mobile apps
SQL Server MySql
Agile software development
Enterprise applications
Big Data
MongoDB Quantopian
Cloud infrastructure
AWS & Azure


To help build great software without the headache of outsourcing. Instead, stop worrying about development, IP and source code protection, but instead worry on generating revenue and product direction.

Hybrid model

  • US Based – Systems Analysts & Project Managers
  • Canada Based – Creative Team
  • India Based – Programming Team

What we do?

The demand on software development teams has never been greater than it is today: A team of developers is expected to encompass diverse technology stack ranging from mobile apps to JavaScript/PHP/Ruby on rails to backend data management systems noSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra etc. The necessity to utilize these technologies is real, pressure of the team is tremendous and time to delivery is short.

Our goal is to provide a one stop solution where our team of software professionals can provide all these technologies in a cost effective manner allowing organizations to meet their deadlines and competitive in the marketplace.

Build software products from start to finish. End to end product cycle
Upgrade older software platforms to current technology
Invest in software companies by building products for them
Provide CIO consultation

perfect solutions for

  • SMB’s
  • Creative Agencies
  • Enterprises

How we do it?

  • Scrum methodology

    Scrum methodology used throughout the entire organization.

  • Source code protection

    Client’s IP and Source Code is protected by ensuring all contracts are US based and fall under US laws.

  • Everything in local time

    US clients will not have to deal directly with Indian team and work odd hours. All communication will happen with local team.

  • Teams provided by number of seats

    Our goal is to provide you with the best value possible. A typically project requires 6 - 8 various roles to successfully develop and deliver a technology solution. Our model is that we provide seats on a per cost seat basis. For example, if you have 5 seats, you are only paying for these 5 seats, regardless of which role might be occupying the seat.

Technology Specialization

We specialize in the following technologies:
  • UI / UX & Design
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Angular
  • Backbone
  • Backend
  • Node
  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • SQL
  • .NET
  • AWS
  • Mobile Development
  • iOS / Android


Due to strict confidentiality agreements, we cannot share that project specifics.However, we have designed, developed and implementing systems ranging from mobile applications to business applications in various industries.

Our team specializes in front end technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, ASP.NET, C#, iOS/Android and backend such as MongoDB, Firebase, mySQL, SQL Server etc.

We have implemented Scrum methodology throughout our organization. This allows us to delivery specific deliverables in a timely manner, with more frequent updates and ensure quality throughout the process.

Yes, we are more than happy to sign.

All our contracts are signed and executed by our US based entity, thereby ensuring IP protection, confidentiality and accountability.


Our location

United States

200 Spectrum Center Drive,
3rd Floor,
Irvine CA, 92618
(949) 506-0400
We are occupied...

Due to overwhelming workload, we have decided to not accept any projects for the fourth quarter of this year. However, if you have an emergency or would like to get in touch for future projects in the near future, you can reach us at with the subject line - Help me.

We are an exclusive insource / outsource hybrid world class custom development agency aimed to provide full force development help for Startups and SME's.

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